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Reaper Feed is an independent, grassroots funded media outlet that draws on operational experience to bring you an unfiltered birds-eye view on global war, crime, weapons, and battlefield technology. 

From sampling fake fast-food restaurants in Chechnya, interviewing prostitutes in a war-torn, unrecognized state, or drinking vodka and shooting guns with the former bodyguard of a post-Soviet warlord, we embrace the fact that we are non-mainstream.

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Reaper Feed would be nothing without our volunteers, partners, and followers. We aim to publish a wide range of high-quality material from a diverse array of people for our well-informed readership. We value authors who are well versed or have personal experience in their subjects. Particularly if it’s around the more bizarre and niche sides of war.

We’re not looking for ‘suits’. We want normal people with an interest in war. Whether you’ve developed an interest in homemade vehicles made by ISIS or the internal politics of rebel groups in Eastern Ukraine, we welcome collaborators and guest writers to share their expertise.

To pitch an article to us or to discuss collaboration, use the contact form on our site or email [email protected] and we’ll get back to you. All articles can be credited and linked to you and your site or social media.

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The team Behind Reaper Feed

Ioannis Ioannou


Ioannis Ioannou is a Cyprus based geopolitical analyst, writer, and avid military history lover. He is also the founder of the Geopolitical Cyprus organization.


Founder & content creator

Batya is the founder of Reaper Feed. He is a security advisor and high-risk expedition leader across various conflict zones from Eastern Ukraine to the Middle East.

Miles Vining


Miles Vining is the co-founder of Silah Report, a blog and intelligence network researching firearms in the Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa.

Guillaume Chauvin


Guillaume Chauvin is an acomplished French war photographer who has covered various conflicts around the world with a focus on the strange obscurities of war.