APS Underwater Assault Rifle

The rising threat of attacks by frogmen in naval bases caused various anti-frogman techniques to be developed.


Man tries to destroy Soviet WWII PPSh-41 gun...

The team at Kalashnikov Concern decided to place a stress test on the iconic Soviet WW2 submachine gun, the PPSh-41. A weapon so reliable, many German...

World War 1 Tanks

''My blood froze in my veins. Crawling along the cratered battlefield were two mysterious monsters. The monsters approached slowly. No obstacle could stop them.''

Desert Fox Commanders Jacket

The Desert Fox Commanders Jacket was based on the standard Wehrmacht tunic and naturally featured the national eagle/swastika but was manufactured out of cotton instead of wool to cope with the harsh heat of the African desert.

Colt Dragoon

Designed by the great Samuel Colt, the Dragoon Revolver was rolled out in 1847 and originally intended for mounted regiments of the US Army and Dragoons.

ASh-12.7 – Russia’s 50. Caliber Assault Rifle

In 2010, the urban combat units of the Russian FSB operating in places like Dagestan needed a revolutionary weapon. Thus, the ASh-12.7 was born.

Video: US Coast Guard jumps onto fleeing narco-submarine!

Incredible footage of crewmen from the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter USS Douglas Munro jumping onto the top of a self-propelled semi-submersible narco vessel in choppy water in...