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Flechette Rounds – The Metal Rain

Flechette rounds are packed with steel projectiles with a razor-sharp point and a fanned tail. They've been deployed in wars from Donbass to the Gaza strip.

Driving on the Road of Death in Donetsk

Highway 20 (H20) in Donetsk straddles the frontline of the war in Ukraine. Its highly dangerous position earned it the nickname of the Road of Death.

Fake Fast Food Restaurants in Chechnya

After the Chechen wars, western fast food brands refused to operate in Chechnya. This lead to Chechens creating an array of fake fast food restaurants!

Extreme Tourism in the Gun Markets of Pakistan

In our latest Extreme Tourism article, we sat down with Mick Bowman who has just returned from the infamous gun markets in the tribal states of Pakistan.

Meeting The Red Hand Commando in Belfast

As a former member of the Red Hand Commando, our guide had been shot multiple times, survived IRA bombs and was eventually jailed for 6 life sentences.

The Troubles: Hanging Out With an IRA Leader in Belfast

The Reaper Feed team is far from being 'Armchair Generals' and last year we found ourselves hanging out with an IRA commander on the streets of Belfast.