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Bir Tawil – Tracking Kalashnikovs in No Man’s Land

Bir Tawil is an 800 square mile territory sandwiched between Sudan and Egypt. Bir Tawil is largely uninhabited and unclaimed by both Sudan and Egypt.

The Michael Jackson of Chechnya Who Was Killed 4 Times

Salman Raduyev was a Chechen Field Commander who was known as ''The Michael Jackson of Chechnya'' after plastic surgery to treat a bullet wound in his face.

How did the Casio F91W Become a Terrorist Icon?

The Casio F91W has been worn by Osama bin Laden and used by Chechen bombers largely due to the rugged durability and bomb-making abilities of the F-91W.

Exploding Bullets – The Ultimate PSYOP

From Rhodesia to Iraq and Afghanistan to Syria, welcome to the world of spiked ammunition and exploding bullets that spreads terror through irregular forces

How Cartels & Terrorists are using Covid-19 to win support

Mexican Cartels handing out aid and Hamas running hospitals, the coronavirus has initiated a campaign for hearts and minds amongst violent groups.

4 Deadly Home Decor Ideas in War-Torn Liberia

The Liberian Civil War left behind tons of battlefield waste like AK47s and RPGs. Liberians have since turned these weapons into unique forms of home decor.

Flechette Rounds – The Metal Rain

Flechette rounds are packed with steel projectiles with a razor-sharp point and a fanned tail. They've been deployed in wars from Donbass to the Gaza strip.

Driving on the Road of Death in Donetsk

Highway 20 (H20) in Donetsk straddles the frontline of the war in Ukraine. Its highly dangerous position earned it the nickname of the Road of Death.

Fake Fast Food Restaurants in Chechnya

After the Chechen wars, western fast food brands refused to operate in Chechnya. This lead to Chechens creating an array of fake fast food restaurants!

Extreme Tourism in the Gun Markets of Pakistan

In our latest Extreme Tourism article, we sat down with Mick Bowman who has just returned from the infamous gun markets in the tribal states of Pakistan.