A Single Grad Rocket Being Fired in Syria and a look at the BM-21 Grad

Grad, Russian for 'Hail', is the name given to the BM-21 multiple rocket launcher system (MLRS). The precursor to this weapon was the infamous Katushya in WW2. Multiple rocket launchers like the Grad deliver explosives to a target area more quickly than conventional artillery, but with lower...

Yemen – Soldier Catches Fire After Being Shot at by a Houthi Sniper

This footage comes from Yemen which is located at the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula and is the second-largest Arab sovereign state on the peninsula.

Armenian Journalist Pinned Down and Shot by Azeri Sniper on Camera

This combat footage shows Arshak Zakaryan, his cameraman and a military escort coming under sniper fire on the Armenian Azerbaijani border.

Elephant Rocket Flies Over Rooftop Position in Iraq

Elephant rockets are named after the Elephant roar noise they make when launched. They are made by attaching rocket motors to significantly larger bombs.

Aussie Soldiers Almost Ran Over by an APC – “Oi, ya F*ckhead!”

In East Timor, these Australian soldiers are almost killed by a reversing APC. Leading to one of the Airborne Aussies to yell: “Oi ya fuckhead!”

The Aftermath of an Artillery Strike in Donetsk

Combat footage shows the aftermath of an artillery strike in Donetsk during the conflict in Ukraine in which war photographer Serhiy Nikolayev was killed.

T72 Tank Kindly Closes the Hatch of BMP-2 After Blowing it Open

In Syria, a Soviet-era T72 tank accidentally blew open the access panel of a BMP-2. Luckily, the T72 tank was kind enough to close it using it's main gun.

FSA Hellcannon Wipes Out a Building in Aleppo, Syria

Combat footage from the Battle of Aleppo shows a Hellcannon used by the Free Syrian Army to attack an SAA position which is wiped out in the process.

Suicide Vest Detonated During ISIS Surrender

In combat footage from Raqqa in Syria, ISIS fighters feign surrender before charging SDF troops who open fire triggering a suicide vest worn by the fighters

Donbass – Man Throws Grenade at Police in Luhansk

The dashcam footage shows a routine traffic stop in Donbass end in carnage as a militant of the Lugansk People's Republic detonates a hand grenade.