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Meeting The Red Hand Commando in Belfast

As a former member of the Red Hand Commando, our guide had been shot multiple times, survived IRA bombs and was eventually jailed for 6 life sentences.

Johnny Adair – Belfast’s ‘Mad Dog’ Paramilitary

The rise and fall of a loyalist paramilitary commander. Assassinations, violent feuds and prison sex parties, this is the story of Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair.

The Troubles: Hanging Out With an IRA Leader in Belfast

The Reaper Feed team is far from being 'Armchair Generals' and last year we found ourselves hanging out with an IRA commander on the streets of Belfast.

Where did the Adidas Tracksuit Wearing IRA Gunmen Get Their Gear?

Iconic footage of Adidas tracksuit wearing IRA militants carrying a Romanian AK and an UZI sheds light on the supply routes in the Troubles.

Sniper at Work – The Story of the South Armagh Sniper

The sign of South Armagh Sniper with the slogan ''sniper at work'' represents one of the darkest eras of The Troubles in Northern Ireland.

Deadly Women, Dirty Laundry, and a Shootout With The IRA

There are few images of deadly women as aesthetic as that of the heavily armed British female operative Sara-Jane Warke in the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

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