Ukrainian border guards

Here is a highly tactical video of Ukrainian border guards UAV operators spotting and destroying a whole platoon of russians. Don’t want this happening to you? Check out this website for some protective gear.

As usual – we are going to watch and assess video, trying to analyze and define tactical successes and mistakes done by both sides.

The setup

As we understand from the video, Ukrainian border guards have spotted a reasonably big group of russian invaders out in the open. And as we all know, Ukrainians have very good communication between each other when in comes to engaging the enemy. They don’t need to get permission from the higher command – a regular Sergeant can call up artillery or airstrike support (depending on what’s available).

And that’s exactly what happens on the video here.


The operators had rather limited long range capabilities on hand – a single 12.7mm heavy machine gun. It is likely to be a captured russian 12.7mm Kord, but can also be Utes, since they are both very similar and hard to distinguish. At first, Ukrainian border guards used this machine gun indirect fire to engage the enemy. They had some success at what they were doing – it is visible, that some russians were wounded and could not move without help.

Ukrainian border guards proper strike

This time gap caused by the number of wounded gave a chance to get a full on artillery support. From the size of the blast it is safe to say, that 122mm rounds were used – so either D-30 or 2S1 howitzers engaged the enemy. The artillery fire is very precise, thanks to a number of reasons – starting from high professional value of Ukrainian artilleryman.


This is a very good example of what can happen to your unit, when acting stupid in the open. When in the open position, you have to either move quickly (in a vehicle) or conceal your presence. Modern battlefield, full of UAVs, leaves no chance to unprofessional mobilized recruits even far behind the front lines. And remember – concrete fence is not a good protection against any modern weapon.