Driving on the Road of Death in Donetsk

Highway 20 (H20) in Donetsk straddles the frontline of the war in Ukraine. Its highly dangerous position earned it the nickname of the Road of Death.

Victory Day 2020 and Latest Russian Military Equipment

From Armata tanks to anti ship weapons, Victory Day 2020 was a spectacle of killing machines indeed. Despite it's late arrival due to covid-19.

Girls Military School Turning Russian Girls into Soldiers

Women make up 10% of the Russian military, but only a select few are chosen for the presitigious girls military school in Moscow.

5 Kalashnikov Myths You Need to Know!

An iconic weapon like the Kalashnikov is bound to be surrounded by myths. In this article, we debunk five of the most common AK myths.

Fake Fast Food Restaurants in Chechnya

After the Chechen wars, western fast food brands refused to operate in Chechnya. This lead to Chechens creating an array of fake fast food restaurants!

Kalashnikov Vodka – Military Grade Vodka

An infamous icon of every war since 1947, many are deeply curious as to anything that appears with the Kalashnikov brand, such as Kalashnikov Vodka.

Is The Kalashnikov Car The Best Electric Car?

Famous for creating the infamous AK47 Assault Rifle, Kalashnikov concern has recently branched out into creating Vodka and the Kalashnikov car!

4 Infamous Modern Mercenary Companies

From Venezuala to Libya, modern mercenary companies are a feature of conflict zones around the world. But do you know your Wagner from your Blackwater?

Russian Space Force

The US wasn't the first to field soldiers in space. Unsurprisingly, it was the country that has a reputation for quirky military behavior: Russia.

Soviet Army Slang in WWII

From covert radio messages to conversations in the Soviet trenches across the Eastern Front, there was a mass of slang and nicknames used by the Red Army.