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Inside the Cartel Attempt to Kill Mexico’s Police Chief

Gunmen believed to be part of the infamous New Generation Jalisco Cartel of Mexico launched a brazen attack on the police chief of Mexico City

4 Deadly Home Decor Ideas in War-Torn Liberia

The Liberian Civil War left behind tons of battlefield waste like AK47s and RPGs. Liberians have since turned these weapons into unique forms of home decor.

Flechette Rounds – The Metal Rain

Flechette rounds are packed with steel projectiles with a razor-sharp point and a fanned tail. They've been deployed in wars from Donbass to the Gaza strip.

Driving on the Road of Death in Donetsk

Highway 20 (H20) in Donetsk straddles the frontline of the war in Ukraine. Its highly dangerous position earned it the nickname of the Road of Death.