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What is the Meaning of Cleared Hot?

Cleared Hot is military terminology. The meaning of Cleared Hot means that you have permission to fire your weapons and engage your target.

How to do a HALO Jump as a Civilian

Once the reserve of the most elite special forces on earth, combat footage, and Hollywood movies, we look into the growing world of civilian HALO jumps.

Who are the 10 People Followed by the CIA on Instagram?

'I spy with my little eye' was the first Instagram post by CIA. It followed 11 specific people and has continued to follow them, and only them, to this day.

What Does CIA Stand For?

You've heard their name linked to various wars around the globe and they were a prominent feature of the hit US show Homeland. But what Does CIA Stand For?

Subterranean War – U.S. Army Training to Fight Underground

The US Military to spend $527 million to train soldiers to conduct subterranean warfare in urban environments lie the Baltics or Seoul.

Unification Church Holds AR15 Wedding for the Moonies

One of the few cults to survive the 1990s, The Unification Church recently organized bizarre scenes through a mass AR-15 themed wedding of its followers.

Kalashni-con – Russian Weapons Convention

Kalashni-con is a weekend of competitive shooting centered around the world's most legendary assault rifle and features a range of attendees.

Poland Invades the Czech Republic ‘by Mistake’

Poland has suffered countless invasions over the centuries but managed to get a bizarre form of revenge recently. Albeit by mistake and only for 10 minutes.

Book Review | Uprising – The Battle of Qala-i-Jangi

In Uprising, Joel Gallagher charts the birth of war in Afghanistan to the outbreak of the War on Terror, culminating in the battle of Qala-i-Jangi.

Inside The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone

In the wake of current unrest in the US, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone was supposed to be a far left utopia but it took two days for food to run out.