point blank kills

Absolutely mad combat footage, showing point blank kills was release couple of days ago. It is filmed using a personal head or body attached GoPro camera by Ukrainian infantryman defending his trench from the advancing wave of russians. And by the way, if you are looking for some personal protection gear, we are advising to check out this website here.

The guy who owns the camera is just insane. Switches from one weapon system to another, throwing grenades and annihilating incoming foes like he is playing Call of Duty or some other FPS game.

Apart from the obvious point blank kills that the warrior manages to score using one of the AK-74 rifles he was passed to by his partner, there is plenty to note on this video.

The regular hand grenades seem more useful than ever – throwing one after another helps trench defender to keep enemy at some distance, allowing him to reload other weapons.

He is also using RPG-7 with self made rounds. These are 82mm soviet mortar mines screwed onto regular RGP-7 projectile base. Since fragmentation HE rounds for RPG-7 weren’t ever produced in big numbers, soldiers have to improvise.

82mm mortar shells screwed onto PG-7 grenades to be used on RPG-7

This is not a bad practice, given how common RPG-7 is. It is quite sad though, that these aren’t produced in some form by Ukrainian defense on industrial scale.

That other guy caught on the video is very likely to be completely paralised by the fear. However, he still manages to follow orders of the Rambo who is doing all the shooting. That is definitely more than nothing and more than the majority of chair warriors would be able to in a real close combat battle like this one.

The part with the point blank kills is just insane and I can’t stretch it enough. Well, I guess you should always look both ways when crossing a trench.