Buffalo Soldiers – Brazilian Military Police

Whether you're a Bob Marley fan or just love bizarre aesthetic images, then you'll love the Buffalo Soldiers: the water buffalo police of Brazil!

Weird Flags That Feature Weapons

Whilst on our travels around the world the Reaper Feed team has managed to visit a range of countries with some pretty weird flags.

The Albanians Who Fought For Rhodesia

At Reaper Feed, we love a good mixture of bizarre participants in conflicts around the world. So when one of our readers requested that we write an article on the Albanians who fought for Rhodesia, we were only too happy to oblige. Whilst it may sound...

Street Food on the Frontline with ISIS

Whether he's dining in North Korea or chilling with tribal militias in the no man's of Bir Tawil, the Street Food Guy makes for some epic reading.

Liberia – An Uncivil War

Child soldiers, cannibal warlords, and the widespread massacre and rape of civilians, the Liberian Civil War was a conflict of apocalyptic proportions.

Guest Blogging Opportunities

As a non-profit organization, we accept guest posts and offer a variety of guest blogging opportunities to aspiring writers.

Women in the Rhodesian Bush War

In our Women at War series, we're going to look at the women who took part in the Rhodesian Bush War under the Rhodesian Women's Service (RWS).

Armored Fighting Vehicles of the Rhodesian Bush War

Global sanctions led to the Rhodesian Army manufacturing their own armored vehicles and weapons in order to counter the growing communist insurgency.

Military Units You Don’t Want to Fight in a War

In the history of conventional warfare, there has always been a small group of feared people whose reputation supersedes that of rank and file soldiers.

How to Camp in a Soviet Gulag

As the COVID-19 lockdown and subsequent release of the new video game: Call of Duty Warzone, the infamous Gulag which was a prominent feature of Soviet life during the 1940s and 1950s, has become a popular area of interest recently. Dotted throughout Russia are...