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Hands on with a Bulgarian Krinkov at Shooter 360 in Plovdiv

On a recent road trip through Bulgaria, we stopped at Tactical Performance Center 360 in Plovdiv to get hands on with a Bulgarian Krinkov.

Armed Gypsies to Private Spies – The World of Bulgarian Classified Ads

Disclaimer - Specific Bulgarian classified ads sites are not named to avoid bringing disrepute to their name. The majority of ads...

Where did the Adidas Tracksuit Wearing IRA Gunmen Get Their Gear?

Iconic footage of Adidas tracksuit wearing IRA militants carrying a Romanian AK and an UZI sheds light on the supply routes in the Troubles.

Visiting a Roma Gypsy Flea Market Where you can buy an FBI Agent Vest

Every Saturday in the Bulgarian village of Suvorovo sees a large flea market appear. It's locally known as the Roma Gypsy Market.

When is the best time to visit the Arsenal AK Factory?

Kazanlak is the home of the Arsenal AK plant where the Bulgarian Kalashnikov is made. Reaper Feed went to check it out on a recent road trip.

Top 5 Countries with no Gun Laws

Whether its due to lawlessness or war, there are places in the world without rules. This article looks at 5 countries with no gun laws.
living it up

Living it up at the Hotel Kalashnikov

Whilst in the gun making town of Kazanlak, I stayed at the hotel used by Mikhail Kalashnikov, so this is my story of living it up at the Hotel Kalashnikov.

A Soviet & NATO Crossover in the Black Sea Port of Varna

The Black Sea Port city of Varna is located on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and is the home of the Bulgarian Navy, which is celebrated on Navy Day.

Extreme Tourism in the Gun Markets of Pakistan

In our latest Extreme Tourism article, we sat down with Mick Bowman who has just returned from the infamous gun markets in the tribal states of Pakistan.

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