Anybody who’s served in the military or worked in conflict zones around the world will preach to you the importance of good boots. Good military boots are vital equipment in war. Whether they’re offering protection from debris flying after an explosion, a nail in the ground, a rolled ankle, or extreme cold, a good pair of combat boots can undoubtedly save a life. But when it comes to rucking, a good pair of boots come into a world of their own. In this article, we’re going to look at the best rucking boots!

What is Rucking?

For many people, the term ‘rucking’ or simply a ‘ruck’ is new. The basic definition is a loaded march from one location to the other whilst carrying a loaded backpack. Military forces around the world use rucking as a form of training to prepare their soldiers for combat. Rucking usually consists of covering many miles whilst carrying a backpack weighing north of 50 lbs.

Best rucking boots

At Reaper Feed, we’re all too familiar with rucking and as a result, we can offer you our expertise on the best boots for rucking. So, let’s jump into it!

Choosing the best rucking boots

When it comes to choosing the best rucking boots you need to evaluate what kind of rucking you’ll be doing and the terrain it will be taking place in. Rucking has become a popular cheap way to keep fit in the civilian sector and many civvies do it in trainers. For military simulation and purposes, however, boots are nonnegotiable to prepare you for real-world scenarios.

Best rucking boots

Whilst your feet are likely to get wet in any rucking scenario, the best rucking boots are not going to be waterproof and this applies to Gore-Tex as well. Boots that are waterproof are not breathable by nature. Not allowing your feet to breathe whilst rucking will result in trapped sweat which will make your feet wet and result in blisters, which you most definitely want to avoid!

Also, if your feet are submerged in a river or the sea the waterproof boots will not allow the water to drain out. So instead, the best rucking boots will be ones that drain efficiently.

The Best Boots for Rucking

The Reaper Feed choice of the best boots for rucking boils down to one iconic pair: Salomon Men’s Xa Forces Mid Military and Tactical Boot. If you’ve ever asked the question: What boots do Navy Seals wear? Then this is your answer.

Best rucking boots

The Salomon Men’s Xa Forces Mid Military is geared towards special forces and has been seen in use by the US Navy Seals in a variety of scenarios such as room clearing, breaching door, and counter-surveillance training.

The boots come in a Gore-Tex and non-Gore-Tex version and we recommend the latter as the best rucking boots. For an in-depth review of these excellent boots, check out the awesome review over at

For more advice on choosing the right military equipment from the best rucking boots to titanium body armor, check out the Weapons and Technology section of Reaper Feed.