Drone Captures Speeding Tank Crush Fleeing ISIS fighters

Jaw-dropping drone footage shows fleeing ISIS fighters crushed by a Soviet-era T-62 tank as Daesh and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham went sole to sole with each other

How did the Casio F91W Become a Terrorist Icon?

The Casio F91W has been worn by Osama bin Laden and used by Chechen bombers largely due to the rugged durability and bomb-making abilities of the F-91W.

Mastering the elements: U.S. Army Train to Fight Underground

The US Military to spend $527 million to train soldiers to conduct subterranean warfare in urban environments lie the Baltics or Seoul.

Armenian Journalist Pinned Down and Shot by Azeri Sniper on Camera

This combat footage shows Arshak Zakaryan, his cameraman and a military escort coming under sniper fire on the Armenian Azerbaijani border.

Armed Albanians in Rhodesia and an Exiled King in Brushstroke Camo

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Watch North Korean Army Firing at “U.S. Soldiers”

The video shows fanatical soldiers of the North Korean army firing at propagandised targets designed to look like US troops.

4 Deadly Home Decor Ideas in War-Torn Liberia

The Liberian Civil War left behind tons of battlefield waste like AK47s and RPGs. Liberians have since turned these weapons into unique forms of home decor.

Brutal Libyan Ambush Sends Enemy Vehicles Into a Death Roll

Whilst fleeing a seperate ambush, these LNA soldiers are opened fire upon before their vehicles are sent into a gruesome death role in the Libyan Civil War.

The Insurgent Killed by his own RPG | What Happened?

We look at the infamous video of an insurgent being taken out by his own RPG. The RPG hit the wall in front of him and deflected back into his head.

A Peshmerga Fighter Fought ISIS in a Bulletproof BMW

During the ISIS attack on the Iraqi city of Kirkuk, a Peshmerga fighter utilised a bulletproof BMW to save over 70 people from death at the hands of ISIS.