Book Review | Uprising – The Battle of Qala-i-Jangi

In Uprising, Joel Gallagher charts the birth of war in Afghanistan to the outbreak of the War on Terror, culminating in the battle of Qala-i-Jangi.

The Albanians Who Fought For Rhodesia

At Reaper Feed, we love a good mixture of bizarre participants in conflicts around the world. So when one of our readers requested that we write an article on the Albanians who fought for Rhodesia, we were only too happy to oblige. Whilst it may sound...

How to Fly a Spitfire?

Today, only 60 airworthy Spitfires exist around the world and the image of one cruising through the air over the white cliffs of Dover is enough to pull at the heartstrings of any Englishman. In this article, we're going to indulge in the dream of many...

King of the Battlefield – The Tiger Tank

In the first of our King of the Battlefield series, we look into one of the most feared German weapons of the Second World War: The Tiger Tank.

Aimo Koivunen – Finland’s Crystal Meth Rambo

Aimo Koivunen had just consumed 30x the safe dose of Pervitin. Finland's first and last military-grade meth head was about to be unleashed.

Bayonet Charge

Many people don't realize that the iconic bayonet charge of wars from centuries past, has made a comeback in modern warfare up to 2004.

Interviews With The Last Boer War Veterans

The Boer War was the most expensive and large scale war fought by Britain between the First World War and the Napoleonic Wars.

Royal Navy Ship Names – HMS Vengeance to HMS Terror

In the 19th Century, Royal Navy ship names were designed to cast fear into the hearts of the enemy be it French, Spanish, Pirates, or otherwise.

German Paratrooper Honoring the fallen on Motorbike Memorial Tours

Photos of the German paratrooper and his vintage BMW motorbike at various war memorials certainly create some evocative and striking images.

Soviet Army Slang in WWII

From covert radio messages to conversations in the Soviet trenches across the Eastern Front, there was a mass of slang and nicknames used by the Red Army.