Best World War 2 Tours in Europe – Ukraine

Ukraine suffered two brutal campaigns on it's soil during WW2. As a result, the country is littered with a wealth of WW2 sightsa and relics.

The Incredible British Capture of Santa Fe

In 1982, the ARA Santa Fe saw it's third war as Argentina launched their invasion of the Falkland Islands. A British task force was soon on the way.

Women in the Rhodesian Bush War

In our Women at War series, we're going to look at the women who took part in the Rhodesian Bush War under the Rhodesian Women's Service (RWS).

Armored Fighting Vehicles of the Rhodesian Bush War

Global sanctions led to the Rhodesian Army manufacturing their own armored vehicles and weapons in order to counter the growing communist insurgency.

Military Units You Don’t Want to Fight in a War

In the history of conventional warfare, there has always been a small group of feared people whose reputation supersedes that of rank and file soldiers.

The SS Colonial Police Project

In the 1930s, the SS observed Fascist Italian methods in North Africa and dispatched a crack team of men to be trained in colonial policing.

The Kalashnikov Bayonet Monument, Egypt

When it comes to things associated with Egypt, gigantic AK47 bayonet monuments are not one of them. But whilst checking out an epic article from Young Pioneer Tours on the legacy of the Kalashnikov around the world, we came across this incredible Kalashnikov bayonet monument situated in...

Why Were Sunglasses Worn at the Nuremberg Trials?

Iconic images from the trial show infamous figures like Hermann Goring and Rudolf Hess sitting in the dock wearing unique pairs of sunglasses.

Banned Weapons of War: Sawback Bayonet

In the first of Reaper Feed's militaria section, where we focus on objects in our private military museum, we will focus on a bayonet with serious history: a converted German sawback bayonet from the First World War.

8 Wars That Featured Former Nazi Soldiers

In post-WW2 wars around the world from Africa to the Middle East, former Nazi soldiers played more of a part than many people realise.