MP40 Versus PPSh 41

The PPSh 41 and the MP40 are both iconic symbols of combat on the Eastern Front in WW2, but which is the more superior weapon of the two?

Rogers Raiders

What do the Queen's York Rangers and US Rangers have in common? They both descend from Rogers’ Rangers, a highly trained and feared militia from the 1700s.

Desert Fox Commanders Jacket

The Desert Fox Commanders Jacket was based on the standard Wehrmacht tunic and naturally featured the national eagle/swastika but was manufactured out of cotton instead of wool to cope with the harsh heat of the African desert.

Banned Weapons of War: Trench Gun

Our banned weapons of war series take us into a feature of terror warfare during WW1, the Winchester Model 1897 more infamously known as the trench gun.

10 Iconic British WW2 Pictures

As we celebrate Victory Day, albeit indoors, we remember the war through some of the most iconic photos of the British spirit during WW2.

World War 1 Tanks

''My blood froze in my veins. Crawling along the cratered battlefield were two mysterious monsters. The monsters approached slowly. No obstacle could stop them.''

Strength Through Joy: Tourism in Nazi Germany

Hitler knew that the rearmament of Germany made it vital that workers were productive and loyal to the Nazi regime. To ensure this, the Strength Through Joy program was born.

Ulrich Graf: The Man Who Saved Hitler’s Life

In 1923, Hitler almost lost his life and became an insignificant segment of 1920s Germany. The course of history was changed by a man named Ulrich Graf.

The Dark World of Allach Porcelain

Before 1936, the Allach company was a small company with a few loyal fans. One of whom would go on to revolutionise the company in a very dark way.

Arditi Stormtroopers: ‘Victory or Everyone Dies!’

During the First World War, the Royal Italian Army was home to one of the most feared units of the entire conflict: the Arditi Stormtroopers.