Weird Flags That Feature Weapons

Whilst on our travels around the world the Reaper Feed team has managed to visit a range of countries with some pretty weird flags.

Extreme Tourism in the Gun Markets of Pakistan

In our latest Extreme Tourism article, we sat down with Mick Bowman who has just returned from the infamous gun markets in the tribal states of Pakistan.

The Troubles: Hanging Out With an IRA Leader in Belfast

The Reaper Feed team is far from being 'Armchair Generals' and last year we found ourselves hanging out with an IRA commander on the streets of Belfast.

New Zealand Bushcraft School – The Top 3

There is an abundance of Bushcraft courses all over the world, but one of the best places to learn is in a New Zealand Bushcraft school.

Street Food on the Frontline with ISIS

Whether he's dining in North Korea or chilling with tribal militias in the no man's of Bir Tawil, the Street Food Guy makes for some epic reading.

German Paratrooper Honoring the fallen on Motorbike Memorial Tours

Photos of the German paratrooper and his vintage BMW motorbike at various war memorials certainly create some evocative and striking images.

24 Hours in Mostar

Mostar, Bosnia was a bucket list item for me due to its iconic Bridge and its dark history during the Yugoslav wars when it turned into a brutal battlefield

Travel Books – Military Grade Travel Guide

In an ever dangerous world, the Military Grade Travel Guide is a refreshing, no holds barred safety tool. We interviewed the author to get the lowdown.

Is Chechnya Safe?

After decades of war, Chechnya was once labelled as the most dangerous place on earth. But what is it like to travel there today and is Chechnya safe?

Best World War 2 Tours in Europe – Ukraine

Ukraine suffered two brutal campaigns on it's soil during WW2. As a result, the country is littered with a wealth of WW2 sightsa and relics.