Watch: Libyan Ambush Sends Enemy Vehicles Into a Death Roll

Whilst fleeing a seperate ambush, these LNA soldiers are opened fire upon before their vehicles are sent into a gruesome death role in the Libyan Civil War.

Watch: Insane Shootout – South African Police vs Armed Gang

An epic fast paced shootout with cars flying through the air and exploding, all topped off with a South African police helo overhead. Only in Africa, baby!

Watch: The Spoof ISIS Toyota Commercial

Due to the range of Toyota trucks being used by ISIS, this spoof Toyota commercial appeared featuring an old Toyota ads soundtrack but footage of ISIS.

Watch: Coffee and Machine Gunfire in the Battle of Marawi

This video from the battle of Marawi shows a Filipino soldier was seen running through gunfire to bring a cup of freshly brewed coffee to his friend!

Watch: Gunfight in the City of Domes

Finding an honest taxi driver is harder than finding a photo of Tatiana Zappardino nude. In the City of Domes, taxi drivers had a gun battle in the streets.

Video: Insane Harrier Jet Crash in Afghanistan

This hair raising footage shows a Harrier Jet skid for over 4,000 feet. The pilot stayed with the bomb laden Harrier Jet almost the entire time.

Video: US Coast Guard jumps onto Fleeing Narco Sub!

The video shows US Coast Guard personnel jumping onto the top of a self-propelled semi-submersible narco vessel in the choppy waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Russian Fighter Jets Buzzing US Destroyer

The US Navy has released a video of two Russian fighter jets making low-altitude passes near the destroyer USS Donald Cook in the Baltic Sea