Israeli Merkava Commander Loses Arm to 50. cal rifle

Footage from the Gaza Strip shows a high powered round tear off an Israeli Merkava commander's arm which is resting on the Merkava tank's turret.

The Insurgent Killed by his own RPG | What Happened?

We look at the infamous video of an insurgent being taken out by his own RPG. The RPG hit the wall in front of him and deflected back into his head.

LA Gangs Fighting for Assad Forces in Syria

Amongst the plethora of foreign fighters in the Syrian Civil War, the appearance of two members of notorious LA gangs was among the most bizarre.

Islamic State Fighter Dodges Death in Mosul

This footage from Mosul shows an ISIS fanatic brazenly walk out into an open street only to be met by a hail of bullets from nearby Iraqi troops

Drone Captures Speeding Tank Crush Fleeing ISIS fighters

Jaw-dropping drone footage shows fleeing ISIS fighters crushed by a Soviet-era T-62 tank as Daesh and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham went sole to sole with each other

Watch North Korean Army Firing at “U.S. Soldiers”

The video shows fanatical soldiers of the North Korean army firing at propagandised targets designed to look like US troops.

Russian Troops Stop Oil Well Fire With an anti-tank gun

Using explosive blasts to extinguish large fires is a long-established technique but deploying an anti-tank gun as these Russian troops did is a new one.

Inside the Cartel Attempt to Kill Mexico’s Police Chief

Gunmen believed to be part of the infamous New Generation Jalisco Cartel of Mexico launched a brazen attack on the police chief of Mexico City

Bulletproof Windshield is Put to the Ultimate Test

The CEO of Texas Armor sat behind his company's bulletproof windshield as it was sprayed with Kalashnikov bullets in the ultimate product test!

Watch: Intense Firefight Between ISIS and Kurds in Syria

This video took place in Syria between ISIS Jihadists against Kurdish SDF and YPG foreign volunteers. It shows the reality of combat in Syria and Iraq.