Warning – Graphic footage: The following combat footage comes from the ongoing civil war in Yemen. It’s shot through a sniper lens observing a Houthi position. As a Houthi fighter peeks out from the side of a series of ammunition boxes, he is fired at by a Saudi-led coalition sniper. The round subsequently removes his scalp.

Whilst the video is entitled that the location is unconfirmed, the coalition sniper is seen to be wearing what looks like Saudi military camouflage. Thus it is a high probability that this is was filmed somewhere in Yemen where the Saudi-led coalition is currently waging war on Iranian-backed Houthi forces.

Houthi Fighter Gets Scalp Blown Off By a Coalition Sniper


The combat footage of the Saudi sniper hooting the Houthi militant was one of many incidents encompassed in the ongoing Yemeni Civil War which erupted back in 2015. It’s a conflict that is largely fought between two factions: the Yemeni government led by the Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi and the Houthi armed movement, alongside their supporters and allies. Both sides claim to constitute the official Yemeni government.

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The war has significantly destabilized Yemen and introduced various terror groups to the region in the form of Al-Qaeda and ISIS who have carried out a series of attacks since the war began. Al-Qaeda in particular controls significant territory across Yemen especially along with the coastal areas.

“My view is that we shouldn’t be supplying the Saudis with arms while they’re bombing civilians in Yemen and, by the way, while they’re arming al-Qaida and it’s fighting our own counterterrorism operations in Yemen.”

– Ro Khanna

Saudi Arabia is heavily involved in the conflict and actively opposes the Houthi movement. They have controversially launched devastating air strikes upon Yemen throughout the conflict. The Saudi campaign is backed by the United States who has been providing the Saudi military with intelligence and logistical support. The United States and the United Kingdom have also both been active in supplying Saudi Arabia with the weapons used in the devastating airstrikes. Various analysts view the war in Yemen as an extension of the proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. It’s accepted that the war is largely a means for Saudi Arabia to combat Iranian influence in the region.

Houthi Fighter Gets Scalp Blown Off By a Coalition Sniper
Houthi Rebels

The Saudi Arabian bombing campaign on Yemen has resulted in widespread civilian casualties and has subsequently been slammed by various governments around the world. The Yemen Data Project estimates that, as of March 2019, almost 18,000 civilians had been killed or injured in Saudi Arabian airstrikes. Overall, the war in Yemen is believed to have killed over 100,000 people. Alarmingly, Yemen is also currently in the grip of starvation that threatens to become the worst global famine seen in the last 100 years and poses a threat to 13 million civilians.

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