5 Kalashnikov Myths You Need to Know!

An iconic weapon like the Kalashnikov is bound to be surrounded by myths. In this article, we debunk five of the most common AK myths.

Unification Church Holds AR15 Wedding for the Moonies

One of the few cults to survive the 1990s, The Unification Church recently organized bizarre scenes through a mass AR-15 themed wedding of its followers.

Buffalo Soldiers – Brazilian Military Police

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Undercover Clothing in the War in Afghanistan

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Kalashni-con – Russian Weapons Convention

Kalashni-con is a weekend of competitive shooting centered around the world's most legendary assault rifle and features a range of attendees.

Concealed Body Armor Advice

In a dangerous job, concealed body armor gives the opportunity to confidently work with peace of mind. Never underestimate armor and treat it with respect.

Extreme Tourism in the Gun Markets of Pakistan

In our latest Extreme Tourism article, we sat down with Mick Bowman who has just returned from the infamous gun markets in the tribal states of Pakistan.

Kalashnikov Vodka – Military Grade Vodka

An infamous icon of every war since 1947, many are deeply curious as to anything that appears with the Kalashnikov brand, such as Kalashnikov Vodka.

Is The Kalashnikov Car The Best Electric Car?

Famous for creating the infamous AK47 Assault Rifle, Kalashnikov concern has recently branched out into creating Vodka and the Kalashnikov car!