The Toyota War – Improvised Fighting Vehicles

An iconic improvised fighting vehicle of insurgents for decades. In Toyota War, we look at the fascinating backstory and 10 examples of this combat vehicle.

Inside the White House Bunker

As rapidly escalating riots inched uncomfortably close to the White House, President Trump was rushed into the White House Bunker by Secret Service agents.

SMG Chest Rig – 5 of the Best

Since its invention during World War One by John T. Thomson, the submachine gun has gone on to revolutionize warfare throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. After ammunition, one of the key accessories for a submachine gun is the SMG chest rig. Largely in 9mm, SMG...

Centurion Arms C4 Rail Review

One of Centurion Arms most popular recent releases is the Centurion Arms C4 Rail which is the definition of a reliable, quality, and accurate weapon system.

How to Fly a Spitfire?

Today, only 60 airworthy Spitfires exist around the world and the image of one cruising through the air over the white cliffs of Dover is enough to pull at the heartstrings of any Englishman. In this article, we're going to indulge in the dream of many...

King of the Battlefield – The Tiger Tank

In the first of our King of the Battlefield series, we look into one of the most feared German weapons of the Second World War: The Tiger Tank.

Kord 12.7mm – Russia’s Handheld Heavy Machine Gun

when our readers submitted a video of a Russian soldier hip firing a 12.7mm heavy machine gun, we were reminded of another wild Russian weapon.

Royal Navy Ship Names – HMS Vengeance to HMS Terror

In the 19th Century, Royal Navy ship names were designed to cast fear into the hearts of the enemy be it French, Spanish, Pirates, or otherwise.

Russian Space Force

The US wasn't the first to field soldiers in space. Unsurprisingly, it was the country that has a reputation for quirky military behavior: Russia.

Colt Dragoon – A U.S. Civil War Icon

Designed by the great Samuel Colt, the Dragoon Revolver was rolled out in 1847 and originally intended for mounted regiments of the US Army and Dragoons.