5 New US Army Weapons in 2020

Every two years Reaper Feed, in partnership with Young Pioneer Tours, attends the SOFEX arms show in Jordan. The SOFEX exhibit is the biggest arms show on earth and features a vast arsenal of the latest weapons and tech on the modern battlefield. Today, we're going to...

Banned Weapons of War: Sawback Bayonet

In the first of Reaper Feed's militaria section, where we focus on objects in our private military museum, we will focus on a bayonet with serious history: a converted German sawback bayonet from the First World War.

South Africa’s Upgraded Mi-24 ‘Super Hind’

longside Western helicopters like the Chinook, the Soviet- Russian made Mi-24 is one of the most easily recognizable helicopters in the world.

APS Underwater Assault Rifle

The rising threat of attacks by frogmen in naval bases caused various anti-frogman techniques to be developed.

Video: Insane Harrier Jet Crash in Afghanistan

This hair raising footage shows a Harrier Jet skid for over 4,000 feet. The pilot stayed with the bomb laden Harrier Jet almost the entire time.

Video: US Coast Guard jumps onto Fleeing Narco Sub!

The video shows US Coast Guard personnel jumping onto the top of a self-propelled semi-submersible narco vessel in the choppy waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Russian Fighter Jets Buzzing US Destroyer

The US Navy has released a video of two Russian fighter jets making low-altitude passes near the destroyer USS Donald Cook in the Baltic Sea

Man tries to destroy Soviet WWII PPSh-41 gun and Fails!

The team at Kalashnikov Concern decided to place a stress test on the iconic Soviet WW2 submachine gun, the PPSh-41. A weapon so reliable, many German soldiers posted to the godforsaken Eastern Front swapped their MP-40s for the Russian weapon due to its reliability and unique...

Russian Predator Drones – A Beginners Guide

When it comes to drones, we’re drawn to those of the Western arsenals. However, what about drones from the other side? Let's look at Russian Predator Drones